American Mangalitsa Breeders Association 

Membership Rights

(A) Senior Members of the Association shall enjoy the right to vote for and hold the office of Trustee, as well as the rights and privileges enjoyed by Members.

 (B) Members shall enjoy the right to record the pedigrees of their Manglitsa swine in the Association's National Breed Registry, to receive certificates of membership and pedigree if eligible, to utilize under license the trademarks and service marks of the Association on their Mangalitsa products, and to vote on any issue put before them by the Board.

 (C) Junior members shall have the right to attend meetings and participate in events or promotions sponsored by the Association at no charge.

 * Membership rights shall not be transferable. 

Misrepresentation of Fact

No member using any of the privileges granted by the Association, shall in any way misrepresent any fact in connection with Mangalitsa hogs, either as to breeding, date of farrow, ear notches, alter ear notches, or in any other way cause false information to be placed upon the records of the Association, or presented to the public. Such misrepresentation shall be punishable by denial of the services of the Association to the offending party. The Board shall take such steps as it deems necessary and proper to rectify any damage to the reputation of the Mangalitsa breed resulting from misrepresentation or fraud perpetrated by its members.

Duty to Furnish Registration Certificate

 1. Certificate of Registration to Buyer

The Association holds the certificate of registration as an integral part of every purebred transaction. In every change of ownership of a Mangalitsa swine, the seller shall, at his/her own expense, furnish to the buyer a certificate of registration, and cause to be recorded, a certificate showing transfer of ownership and the date of sale, unless the right to such certificate is specifically waived, in writing, by the buyer at the time of completion of sale. Failure to record and transfer by breeder should be cause for immediate suspension from allrights and privileges of this Association.


2. Breeding Certificate

Should the change of ownership of a Manglitsa swine involve a bred sow or bred gilt, a certificate of breeding service on a form prescribed by the Association must be furnished by the seller to the buyer.