American Mangalitsa Breeders Association 

Mangalitsa Classifications and Guidelines

No litter or pedigree certificate shall be issued until the Sire and Dam shall have been recorded in the books of the American Mangalitsa Breeders Association.

No animal shall be admitted to record unless the dam is shown on the record of the Association as having been bred by or transferred to the name of the person, firm or corporation owning her at the time of farrowing the litter in question.

Purebred Standard 

The Association shall not recognize Mangalitsa hybrid swine. No swine shall be certi?ed by the Association unless deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) testing determines the genetics of the animal to be 100% Mangalitsa. No Member shall be extended the rights and privileges of the Association unless he or she provides the Association with sufficient genetic material for DNA testing for the Mangalitsa swine sought to be certified. Genetic testing will be administered by a lab that has been pre-approved by the Association.


Alteration of the Purebred Standard

The terms of this article shall not be altered by the Association except by unanimous vote of all Trustees. The minimum number of Trustees required to vote to change the terms of this article shall be no less than three.

Sale of Pedigree Certificates Prohibited

No member or non-member using the privileges of the Association, shall buy or sell any pedigree certificate which does not accompany the sale or transfer of a hog for which the certificate was issued.


Alteration of Pedigree Certificates Prohibited

No member authorized to use the privileges of the Association shall make any alteration or changes in any certificate of registration or transfer issued by the Association, nor have in his or her possession any such certificate which has been tampered with or altered. In case any member using the privileges of the Association, shall receive a certificate which bears evidence of change or alteration, he shall forthwith forward such certificate to the Secretary/Treasurer and in connection therewith, communicate to the Secretary/Treasurer the source from which he received such certi?cate, the date when received, and all pertinent attending information relating thereto.