American Mangalitsa Breeders Association 




The mission of the American Mangalitsa Breeder's Association (AMBA) is to secure and expand the  nationwide market for our members' Mangalitsa products. Our purpose is to maintain the genetic integrity of the Mangalitsa breed. Good animal husbandry begins and ends with the management of genetics, and it is the aim of the American Mangalitsa Breeder's Association to be our member's key resource for improving breeding and business practices.


The AMBA will compile and  maintain a national registry of all sires and dams actively breeding within the United States. This registry will be an invaluable tool for members to record the economically valuable traits of their herds so that they may proliferate through selective breeding. In addition to improving husbandry practices, the American Mangalitsa Breeders Association will communicate to consumers a consistent, comprehensive message about Mangalitsa products.